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September 12 2014



Our Keep Calm mugs are a variation of the poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion. In fact we had quite a lot of fun coming up with the ideas and we hope you like them as well. We have a range of standard designs as well as a Tea Coffee Keep Calm variation with a variety of beverage options as well as a personalised Tea Coffee Keep Calm mug.
Also if you have a cool idea for one of these mugs let us know and if we use it we will send you a mug discount voucher.Keep Calm Mugs 
All designs are available in 8 different colours. 


Over 100 designs to choose from with most available in a variety of colours. 
We all appreciate receiving a bespoke gift or keepsake present, and as our customers can testify, a  or as they are sometimes known "personalized mugs with your name on" are cherished a little bit more than a standard off the shelf one, and for good reason. Personalised Mugs
Both our Ceramic earthenware mugs & Bone China mugs ranges are dishwasher proof and microwave safe and are printed in full colour and because of the quality of our coating produces a wonderful smooth & sharp finish. The great thing about  our service is that there is no set up cost as there would be with screen printing, and we also offer so check them out but feel free to drop us an  if you have any questions. 

welsh gifts

Find welsh gifts that reflect the spirit, customs and culture of Wales.
New to our range - a rugby ball money box with Wales & Cymru on the top and the welsh red dragon below it on either side - great for storing away the kids pennies for that rainy day.welsh gifts  



All of our quality designer candles for weddings can be personalised with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Create a wonderful personalised wedding gift keepsake today and give the loving couple the endearing memory that is a personalised wedding candle to remember their special day. Ideal for wedding table decorations, wedding centrepieces or personal wedding gifts for Mother of the Bride and Groom and bridesmaids as cherished mementos for all to remember that special day.
We also have an extensive range of which can be matched to the main pillar candle or given as favours to your guests, friends and family. Alternatively they can be used as part of table decorations in conjunction with floral displays.wedding candles 


All of our quality designer christening candles can be personalised with the child's name, date of the ceremony and the church at which it was held. Create a wonderful keepsake today to cherish the memory of that special celebratory day. These personalised christening candles also make ideal thank you & Keepsake gifts for the godmother and godfather as well as the grandparents.christening candles 


All of our quality designer baptism candles can be personalised with the child's name, date of the ceremony and the church at which it was held. Create a wonderful keepsake today to cherish the memory of that special day. Our personalised baptism candles also make idea thank you gifts for the godmother and godfather as well as the grandparents.baptism candles 

June 23 2014

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 personalised candles are quite simply unique gifts for special occasions and at Celtmyth we pride ourselves on creating beautiful designs for every momentous event.
Here you will find personalised designs covering anniversaries, weddings, christening's & baptisms as well as Naming days and Birthdays with a host of other occasions in between. And that's not all as if you fancy creating your own candle design we can help you achieve that as well.

All our designs are available in 8 different colours to suit every taste and can be placed on a number of different colour & size candles however we do try to be flexible and so if you would like your personalised candle in a particular colour please do get in contact and we will do our best to create a colour match for you.

We also get a lot of requests for personalisations in different languages, which so far we have been able to provide, so if you do have any special criteria then please just drop us a line and we will do our best to accommodate you.personalised candles

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